The DkF Boys

"Golf needs The DkF Boys"

"You have outdone yourselves! That was freakin great! Loved it! Thanks!"

"@daleeeo and @jewfro another instant classic!!! #keepupthegoodworksirs!!!"

"I love it iDaleee !!!!!!!"

"Always excellence"

"I say if u can make me laugh 12 secs in .. It's good stuff!! Lol love it"


"Ummmm that was awesomeeeee!!!! I ❤❤❤❤#DkF boys!!!"

"OMG!! Guys you are the Best!! Love love this video!!! Thank you so much for being #Original!!!!!!"

"Keep them coming... You guys are undeniable!!! :)"

"You guys are hilarious! Keep Making It Happen!!! Crazy people succeed..."

" I got drunk and hungover all in the 3 minutes it took me to watch this video. Awesome, as usual."

"Excellent video & edit :) solid clip at 1.45 - Real good :)"

"...not to mention how frickin sick this video you boys are the best thing I have watched in a LONG time THANK YOU @theroxie for being these boys to my viewing pleasure!!! ROCK MY FACE OFF!!!"

"You guys are freakin out of your minds and I LOVE IT!!!!"

"And once again Dalè and Jew Fro deliver an amazing, funny, good old time at the golf course video...u bros are the coolest on sc..."

"Your always Brilliant "

"Oh I just love you guys! ❤❤❤"

"I just died laughing lol"

"Omg you're such a fool! Lmao I was dying when you said there's a train on the tracks. x_x"

"It took me a month to view all your Great videos!!! You are the King of SC :-)"

"U guys r great I always enjoy ur videos :)"

"Ya all r crazy! :) I love it!!!"

"Awesome guys! Now thats chilling with your boys!"

"Luvvvvv it boys!! #alwaysthirsty"

"Ya'll are hilarious!"

"Hot & crazy ;)"

"Funkin funny man!! .. Hahaha .. :-)"

"You guys are nuts!!! LOL!!"

"You are both hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh Guys :0)"

"These videos make my day.. Keep them coming.. Lol"

"What a GREAT Hump Day video!!!! Absolutely hysterical..I even got in trouble for laughing so loud at my desk!!! Tks"

"This is great :) lol you definitely made me laugh!"

"Wow u guys make golf look really fun :D"

"I love you guys!! Always make me smile"

"Haha! That was an amazing video"

"You two are awesome. Haha"

"I can't stop laughing at this video and every time I watch it I see something new.. Hahahaha!!!"

"Lol dale your the coolest and funniest I guy I've seen"

.... just to mention a few ....
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