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The DkF Boys & Golf Pro Nick Sutter have some "Fun in the Sand" including the beaches of Ft Lauderdale Florida! Enjoy!
Big Break Atlantis Golf Pro Anya Alvarez joins The DkF Boys for a round of "DkF Golf" ... Here we are showing our "Gentleman" Side to Psy's Newest "I'm a Mother-F'er Gentleman"
We call this one 2.18.36!
The DkF Boys, 2 Guys, Play 18 Holes of Golf, & do a combined 36 shots! 1 shot each before teeing off every hole! Oh Boy!
A Lil Old School Fun! For current craziness, check out
Megaphone Golf Fun
It is probably a very bad idea to place a megaphone in the Dkf Boys Golf Cart! Even though it seems most enjoyed the experience!
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