While we are setting up the Client Portfolio Pages, we will post below some comments which have come from the relationships we have built in the golf industry with Golf Companies!
DkF Radio Interview

"When the DKFBoys decided to play our golf ball and call it their own the buzz they created was huge. Using their own style of speaking to the people we have gained sales as well as a much stronger following. All that is great but one more thing is that once they are working with you, you instantly become part of the DFKBoys family and they treat you as such. Most companies see you as a dollar amount but the DFKBoys are different, they want your product to rise to the top first and foremost."

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We we introduced to the DkF boys when they purchased some products at kikkor.com. We quickly realized their passion for the game of golf and for life when tweets, social cam videos, and instagram pics were being posted all of the time of the DkF boys in their Kikkor gear! We quickly realized that they're 2 very unique and creative dudes and we've have forged an awesome friendship with them. This friendship was highlighted by their visit to our Glow Ball Golf Event hosted by Kikkor and subsequent visit to our booth at the 2013 PGA Show in Orlando. We've truly enjoyed the DkF Boys and all of the passion they bring to golf, and the brands they support on the course and the street...they're behind all of our products 110%. We've so appreciated the positive notoriety they've brought to our brand though hundreds of tweets, photos, videos, contests, and Kikkor-loving awesomeness that they exude. We look forward to Orlando and Jared rocking all of our Kikkor products for as long as we're in the industry!

Tweet by @PhotoBallMarker (1/19/2013)

"As we were talking about videos (i can't wait for these) with @iDaleeeO they (TheDkFBoys.com) said we need an Instagram page. I told them to prove it to me. They talked about "Sizzle" but delivering a lot of "Steak" for us. Great job guys! www.Instagram.com/PhotoBallMarker"

"Small golf entrepreneurs are inundated with people saying what they can do. It gets so old! The DkF Boys, your doing! Even grandma approves."